I’m new to all this!

After many months of contemplating and ‘lurking’ about I have finally taken the plunge and set up my own Blog. Yah! At last! Well, the truth is that I’ve just figured out how to upload photos on the laptop from my mobile phone. Also I’ve finally got my ‘own’ camera, sewing machine and more importantly my own place (which I share with my lovely husband and darling daughter).

Yep, its true, I’ve got my own sewing machine and camera at 30. I guess most people own these things quite early (like when they’re 18?), but its a long story which I will share later (if people are interested).

I’m SO looking forward to blogging about my ‘attempts’ at sewing, knitting, making things, while having a full time job in the City (hence the blog name) and being a Mum to a lovely but demanding little madame.

I just have to figure how to use this ‘blogging programme’ and how to load photos onto Flickr.

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