Treasure Hunt

I went fabric shopping at Wimsew at Balham/Tooting today! Yah! This is what I bought:

What I’m I planning to do with my goodies?

  • Knit my Mum a beret for this winter with the yarn.
  • The buttons were a bargain at £1 for the whole bag, I will definately have a use for these.
  • Poka dot fabric is for next week treasure hunt that we are having for my daughter’s birthday party.
  • I couldn’t resist the wool mix fabric at £3.50 per metre, maybe a bag?
  • The red and white string is for a draw-string bag which I will make with the nautical fabric for the birthday party goodie bags.

Update: Look what I made in the evening:

These are for next week’s treasure hunt goodie bags, all I need now are some chocolate coins. (I still need to sew the buttons on the draw-string bags).

I had some spare time (very rare indeed) and went on a sewing binge. Spent 4-5 hours sewing my socks off. I’m really pleased with the Robot Tissue Cozy, but the Bend the Rule Artsy Clutch went a bit wrong, but it will have to do. I used the buttons I bought today. Still happy that I got a good deal with the buttons. Hee! Hee!

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