Treasure Hunt II and a Loopy Lunch Time

The Treasure Hunt for my daughter’s birthday party was a success. My friend Alex dressed up as a pirate (which was a suprise) and entertained all the kids and help read the clues. The kids loved the handmade goodies with chocolate coins and were happy that they didn’t get plastic bags with the sweets. Thank goodness I had bank holiday monday to recover and clean up the house.

On Tuesday lunch time I went to Loop for the first time. It only took a 15 minute bus journey. It is a lovely small boutique shop with a good stock of yarn, notions and books. The two shop assistants were lovely, helping me find the circular needles and were very friendly. The owner of the shop was looking for antique/vintage buttons (sorry, I was eaves dropping on a conversation on loudspeaker between the shop assistant and the shop owner’s Mum). I was impress with the shop, very personal and cozy. Look what I bought (the pink yarn and circular needles):

I’m knitting a little pouch with the circular needles with the green yarn that my daughter chose at the Stitch and Craft Show. I’m not a huge fan of the colour green, but my rascal loves it. I will use the rowan kid mohair yarn to knit a scarf from the Last Minute Knitted Gift book. I willl post a picture of the results once I completed them.
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