Wemake Fair

I went to the Wemake Fair today. I now understand why my friends (who have kids) always plan ahead for outings with Children and Grandparents. I was so disorganised. Well first of all, I forgot the map, so I couldn’t find the craft fair. I planned to get there in the morning and then have dim sum later on. Oh dear, by the time we got there, it was lunch time, so I had to quickly wizz around a (few times) and didn’t have much time to really look at what was being sold and buy things.

It all got a bit embarassing, as my daughter forgot her shyness very quickly and decided to take photos of people’s shoes instead of their stands (as originally instructed). Yes, she was the rascal with the loud laugh. Then my Dad almost fell as sleep outside as he has a tendancy to fall asleep in warm temparture. So I thought I’d better make a quick exit. I was suppose to meet up with a few fellow bloggers, but my timing was so awful that I missed them. Nevermind, we will meet up for coffee (and knitting) another time. I think I need to be a bit more organised next time.

I did get to meet Helen and other Etsy Sellers. My rascal also received a free goodie.
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