Yay for the sale….great bargains at John Lewis Habbers!

I had some free time this evening after work because my Mother in Law came to look after Vivian. So I went to catch up with some shopping. I couldn’t resist a ‘quick’ look at the habberdashery department in John Lewis, then I found Rowan Kid Silk Mohair for £3.25! They are normally £7.25, well the one I bought last time was that price. There are A LOT of bargains! This is what I bought.

Now I can make this Beret from Let’s Knit magazine.

I wanted to make it a while ago, but thought it was a bit too excessive to pay over £15 in yarn. There are also many lovely fabric in the curtain/home furnishing department where you can find lovely fabric for £6 per metre! I also some found some fabrics selling for £4 per meter. I might go again tomorrow.

Ohhh, so many pretty things I want to make! I need to squeeze some time some how. Wish me luck.

Update…yep I couldn’t resist it and went to buy this fabric which was only £6 per metre (half price). I may make something out of this lovely book.

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