Sweden Part II: Jonkopping

Jonkopping is where my Aunty and Cousins were originally based, a lovely city near Sweden’s second largest lake. Only one of my Cousin, her husband and her dog still live there and we decided to take the whole family to visit them. As we travelled there by car the scenery bought back memories of my first trip there when I was 11 years old. I remember lots of forest and plenty of green space to cycle. When we got there it had changed so much that I almost didn’t recognise it. There was a lot more roads, building and new apartments. Children still swin in the lovely lake, but I could not find the small shop where I bought my straw hat. Well it has been 20 years.

As we were driving there we drove past the Husqvarna Fabriksmuseum, however, I was travelling with non-crafty people so I had to give it a miss (if anyone has been there let me know whether it is any good). We spent a day in the lovely village of Granna and Visingso. I remember climbing up the church tower in Vinsingso when I was 11 and I found the stairwell very cramped compared to last time, must be all the baby weight which I haven’t been able to lose….Hee! Hee!
Here are some photos:

Tarta – a Swedish Savory cake in layers of prawn, chicken, vegetable and salad cream. Made by my cousin

Arriving by ferry to the Island of Visingso

Finally getting to the top of the church (we travelling around the Island by a horse carriage)

One of the famous sweet shops in Granna where they make the sweets by hand at the shop

Sun set at Sweden’s 2nd largest lake, if you look carefully you can see shadows of my family

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