Finished Airy Scarf and A New Venture

Last week I met up with the lovely Kyoko from Cotton and Cloud after work at Canary Wharf. We planned to have coffee, but ended up having dinner AND coffee. It is so nice to meet up with someone who loves knitting (and sewing) just as much as I do, but her work is far more advance than mine. She gave me so much advice on where to buy the best knitting supplies (on Etsy) and offered to teach me Fair Isle knitting……what can I say. She also asked me how my knitting is comming on…and ‘slow’ is the answer. So that evening and (the next evening) I dedicated the my free time to finish off the Airy Scarf from this book. Here is the finish product: (Photo taken by the lovely Grace Lee, my new business partner and the new owner of this scarf)
I also told her about my new venture with Grace, Simply sCRUMBlicious TM. We have started a small business baking handmade cakes and chocolate. We have been doing this for a while, informally and free of charge to friends and family, but we decided to really go for it now. I have started a blog, but it is still a work in progress. Our first ‘formal’ project is the Wemake Christmas craft fair on the 6 December 2008. I sent them an e-mail asking whether we could have a table to provide Cake, Tea and Chocolate, and they were very welcoming and enthuastic. Yes, we are very excited about the whole thing. I’m hoping to get the new blog up and running soon, and will send a link once it is done. I will still blog about my knitting and sewing on this blog.
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