Childhood Museum and Stitch Club

I’ve been reading Maria’s blog about how her son’s friend had never seen a sewing machine before. I guess during the 90s and early 00s many parents would rather buy their children computer games or just let them watch TV. However, I’ve noticed that during the mid 2000s to date I have seen more parents sewing, knitting and encouraging children to play with hand-made/non-computerised toys. As a parent myself, I do play computer games, but together as a family. I also encourage hand-made toys and crafting, so I think it is good to have a good balance.

I took my daughter to the V&A Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green this weekend (for a pinic as well) and it was such a lovely experience. I felt really old as many of the toys such as Cindy (the 70s and 80s type not the modern version), Strawberry Shortcake, etc, were displayed in the museum as retro toys. I also noticed that they have Knitter and Knatter afternoons for keen knitters to get together for tea and ‘knit’.

There were also a display of children sewing machines, one which I recognised. My Mum bought me the blue and yellow one when I was about seven or eight. Unfortunately I broke it on day one, which kinds to explain why it took me so long to start sewing again (I started again in my thirties). I also want to share this website with everyone: Stitch Club. Children aged 8 and upwards can learn how to sew. How cool is that.

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