Craft Fairs Galore

I remember writing on last year asking whether anyone was aware of Craft Fairs/Exhibitions in London. I didn’t get a response so I deleted my query as I was a little embarrased. A year later, I’m much more informed after reading lots of crafting blogs and noseying (is there such word??) around.

I’ve been informed by Terry Howes (a talented jeweler who uses crocheting techniques to make jewelry, how unique), who has a studio at Cockpitt Art in Holborn, that Somerset House in London, will be holding the Origins Craft Fair for two weeks starting on 7 October 2008. There is an £8 entrance fee though, but I’m sure it’s worth visiting.

Also the Knitting and Stitching Show will be starting on the 9 October 2008 at Alexander Palace, which I’m planning on going this weekend. Yay!

On the 6th of December 2008, there will be the Wemake Christmas Craft Fair, where my friend Gracie and I will be selling Homemade Cakes and Truffles. There will be many talented crafters selling their handmade goods. Gracie and I have both been working quite hard doing our R&D for the fair, which is why I haven’t been knitting and sewing as often as I should be (my to do list is very long now), but I have one and half weeks off in Christmas to catch up. You can see some photos and read about this on our blog, Simply Scrumblicious.

If anyone is aware of more craft fairs, please share.

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