First Bag is Finished

Yay, I’ve finally taken the plunge and made my first bag. It has taken me a few months. Being a bit slow I found it difficult to understand some of the written instructions in books. So I browes the web and found some really useful ‘photo’ tutorials by some clever bloggers. I have left a link on my blog as a reminder to myself and also to share with everyone.

Well the bag is from a tutorial by ‘Tiny Happy’. Her instructions are very clear and the photos made it easy to understand. I made a few minor changes, such as not adding the button and adding a larger pocket inside with a section for my mobile. I had a few problems with the strap as well, as I thought I try and be clever and see whether there was another way of sewing the straps together which didn’t work.
Overall, I’m pleased, considering it is my first attempt. I stole the knitted flower from one of my daughter’s hats which I’m sure she doesn’t mind. Next time I will use a different fabric, make it smaller and use longer straps. Now that might be interesting.
Now for the Simple Tote, SuperEggPlant has a great tutorial.
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