Unwinding and Starting Again

Remember the beret that I was suppose to knit for my Mum a few months ago? Yes the one that I messed up? Well, I have taken my Mum’s advice and I have unwind everything and started again. This time I followed a new pattern from Let’s Knit magazine called Renee. You can get the pattern free on their website. The instruction was bit strange as it requires 7mm and 20mm needles. So the base fits snugly whilst the body is nice and loose. This makes the beret nice and light. The good thing about it is that it only uses one ball of Rowan Little Big Wool. I also made one for myself in purple.

My Mum also complained that the handle of my first bag looks too messy. So she taught me how to correct my mistake by:

  • ripping out the seam,
  • make a larger gap towards the top of one side of the handle,
  • turn the end of the two handles so the right sides are facing each other and sew across,
  • turn the handle back to the right sides should all be neatly sewed together
  • close the gap that was opened when top stitching the edge.

It is a difficult to explain so please excuse the inexperienced instructions.

My Mum has agreed to teach me how to sew now…yay! She has refused for 30 years, probably because I broke my first sewing machine….Hee! Hee! Seriously, I think she wanted me to get a career first, but now that I’m a Mother and a Wife, I need to be able to sew so I can mend/make basic clothes at home….so she has agreed. I originally thought of spending £390 to learn, but there is a lot more I can do with that kind of money, so I have decided to buy some books and patterns instead.

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