I’m Back from my Baking & Chocolate Adventures

Wow….what an adventure! We had such a great day and we are so glad that our cakes and chocolates were so well received. To read more, refer to the my other blog. After the fair, I just slept and slept….I was completely knacked. The Wemake Fair was great, there were so many crafty gifts to buy, but I was so busy with the cake stand that I didn’t have time to buy anything. Luckily my lovely husband got me a free goodie bag with lots of business cards to check out and few handmade goodies. I really like the crochet face cloth, it is so nice to feel.

After the fair, I had to tend to my ‘To Do’ list which was getting a bit out of hand, and this explains why it has taken me so long to start blogging again. Most of them includes things that I promised my daughter such as getting the Christmas decorations, finding a T shirt for her school play, getting her Advent Calender (I think I will make one next year which is re-useable), sorting out her school trip to London Zoo, writing letters to Santa (and members of the family), writing cards to her friends…etc…

I’m going to slowly ease myself back into my work in progress, mainly my daugther’s cardigan which I have finished the back and pockets. Hopefully my husband’s scarf will be finished by next winter…Hee! Hee!

Now I’m going to catch up with all the lovely blogs which I have missed over the past few weeks….

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