Christmas Pressies – I love books!

I hope everyone had a good Christmas. We had a lovely Christmas with family and friends. My daughter loves watching Wallace and Gromit which is always on the television during the Christmas holidays. While she watching ‘A Close Shave’ she pointed out that Gromit knits just like Mummy, which made everyone laugh. Hee! Hee! Hee!

Ahhh…my friends and family know we so well. I love books especially knitting, sewing, crafting and baking. So I’m so grateful to have received these wonderful books for Christmas. I love you guys/gals….thanks!

Pretty Knits: A beautiful knitting book by the owner of Loop:

One Day Summer Clothes: I might attempt to sew some summer clothes next year

Nigella Christmas: Arr the Goddess…I enjoyed the programme and now I have the book…yay!

Cakes and Desserts: This is from Santa at work (secret Santa)
My husband got these pressies for Christmas:
Chinese Cooking made Easy: He has been watching and learning…now he has the book

Teapot and tea cup plus cozy:

Have a Great New Year everyone!

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