Simple Scarfette and Buttons

My daughter has got to the age when she wants to be ‘just like Mummy’. So when she saw my scarfette she asked whether she could have one but in green and pink (her favourite colours apparently). Being a bad Mum, it has taken me several weeks to make her one. Tut tut tut…. But last week I got the yarn and knitted her a very simple scarfette. We had a good time talking about what it should look like and then choosing the button.

She can only wear it during the weekend because her school uniform colours are red, grey and white. ‘The Twins’ (you know who you are), if you are reading this let me know whether you like the pattern and I will get going with the knitting, you can also choose your own buttons from my ‘small’ button collection.

On another subject, everyone seems to be knitting mittens/hand warners these days (well in blog land anyway). So I have been experimenting and I have made this lace warmer…

I use part of the Purl Bee pattern and made a few mistake, such as forgetting to change to the purl stitch when I turned the hand warmer to knit the thumb hole. Also, I thought I’d be clever and finish the pattern in a different way. Oh well, I think I’d better stick to something simpler next time.

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