First Awards

The lovely Hannah from Span’s Stitchin’ has given me my first awards…yay! Thanks! There are some rules (although according to Hannah they are not compulsory..) which are:

1) Put the award on your blog – will be there in a minute
2) Put a link on your blog of the blogger who gave you the award – done
3) Nominate 5 other bloggers – I nominate:
Kyoko from Cotton and Cloud – amazing knitting and tutorials.
Lupin from Bugs and Fishes – the first blog I read
Helen from Angharad – Lovely knitting and sewing
Two Hippos – I always get good tips on where to buy crafty things in London
Jo from Today we are – Great blog and always to the point
I use to lurk around blogland reading these blogs and it looked like fun so decided to join in….thanks for all the inspiration girls!
4) Leave a comment on their blog notifying them – will do
5) List 5 things that I’m addicted to so here goes: Hmmmm there is quite a few:
  • Blogging is one….it is very addictive
  • Knitting
  • Buying books and magazines – Amazon and books shops are very dangerous places….
  • Puddings and cakes – I always like to have something sweet after a meal
  • This is a recent craze but puzzle games….especially sudoko

Today is Chinese New Year Eve, so will be popping over to my Mums for Hotpot tonight. Yay…will post some photos if I get the chance. In the mean time the lovely Grace Lee has baked an amazing Chinese New Year cake… have a look on our blog.

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