The Knitting Haven

I was really please when I Knit moved from Vauxhall to Waterloo. It is a bus journey from my current work place and quick tube journey home. So yesterday I arranged for my Mother in Law and husband to keep my daughter entertained while I went to one of their Knitting nights (every Wednesday and Thursdays). I arrived just before six and it was almost full already, but I was feeling a bit hungry so I went to have a quick dinner nearby. By the time I got back (approx 6.30pm) it was absolutely full. I managed to squeeze my way to back and was offered a stall to sit on. I bought my daughter’s cardigan with me and started kniting one of the sleeves.

This is the first knitting group I’ve ever been to and it was lovely. Chatting to fellow knitters and looking at each other’s projects and yarns. So I really enjoyed myself and I hope (if I have the time) to go more often as it is so conveniently situated. I also bought a ball of yarn, I saw this guy knitting with it and it looked lovely. Here is the progress I made with the sleeve and the yarn I bought:

I made a little mistake which I corrected at home…I was too busy listening to some gossip.

Before I forget, here are some photos of the New Year Hot Pot we had at my Mums. There were some yummy oysters in the blue bowl. All the ingredients are prepared and everyone helps themselve to the food; cooking it in the hot pot of soup. Yum.

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