Trying to do too much

There is SO MUCH I want to do and make….better make a list:

  • Finish my daughter’s cardigan

  • Take some photos of a fellow bloggger’s photo cards (I’m struggling due to poor lighting…where is the sun??) that I received during Christmas and to blog about this month
  • Goodie bags for my daughter’s birthday in May (I need to plan ahead as I do take a long time to do things)
  • Knit an apple hat for my daughter
  • Attempt to knit some socks with this Harry Potter yarn and with my new Brittany needles both from I-Knit
  • Knit another hat, but this time with this yarn
  • Try making some mittens/wrist warmers (I’ve drawn up some designs I want to test out)
  • Attempt to make some summer clothes
  • Make my first knitted garment for myself – I’m thinking of making a vest using the Debbie Bliss Stella yarn, but I’m not sure whether I have enough yarn, I might look at Ravely. Also I really like the Bergere de France Cropped Jacket

Do anyone have the same problem?

On another subject; I’ve been asked by Annie from Overmilkwood to show a photo of the finished hat in my last blog post. However, I was so excited to give it to my Mum (third attempt at knitting her a hat after my previous attempts), that I didn’t take a photo of her wearing it. Luckily I asked my hubby to model it for me just after knitting it (he doesn’t like wearing hats but I forced him to model it…Hee! Hee! Hee!). The hat looks better on my Mum though, I’ll take a better photo once I have finished the blue version and I will model it myself next time.

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