Last week, everyone who worked in the City were expecting major disruption on Wednesday and Thursday during the G20 Summit. At work we were told to dress down or work at home by the Senior Partner, but a few of us (including me) decided to go to work as usual and wear our normal work clothes. The protesters have a right to put their message (I agree that the banks have been too greedy and are partly responsible for the mess we have at the moment) across peacefully which most of them did, so we have to the right to go to work and not be attacked. They should be sensible enough not to attack innocent people trying to go to work to make a living who are all hoping that they will not be made redundant. My husband told me not to wear a suit but my stubborn side took over and I decided to stand up for my principles.

In fact I had a easy commute all last week, I even got a seat on the tube! A nutter (not a protester) gave me a bit of trouble on my way to work on Thursday, but a police was present later on and then for the rest of the week. At work all we could hear were police car sirens, helicopters hovering around and there was a dummy horse on Old Street. I realised the chaos on Wednesday evening on the news but still wore my normal work clothes the next day which turn out to be relatively quiet in the City.

[Bank of England on Thursday…relatively quite. The protesters only used chalk to write on the wall]

Anyway, enough politics for now. I’m on my Easter break, one week off work…hurray!! I’m going to stay at home and get some sleep. Hee hee hee! Partly true, I’m planning on spending some time with my family and friends.

Check out this Scandinavian website, lovely Swedish handicraft. I found this website at the Ideal Home Exhibition where they had a they had a Stand. I love the hand knitted Shaw.

Have a nice Easter Break everyone!

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