Easter Break

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter Break!!

We had a very busy Easter over here. I had written notes of all my plans for Easter, including Easter Egg Hunt with clues and handmade hot cross buns and chocolates. However, there was a change of plan. Instead of clues we had a one where all the kids ran wild around the flat looking for their eggs. The hot cross buns and chocolate will have to wait until later….as my Mum would say……’you don’t have to wait till Easter to eat hot cross buns and chocolate’. Hee! Hee! I will try and make some later.
The reason for the last minute change of plans is that Jaxs wanted to take the Rascal and her friends to the V&A Museum to made Easter Egg bonnets. I have never been to the V&A Museum and there is just so much to see. I didn’t get a chance to see the hat exhibitions, so I’m planning another trip there in the near future.

Also Jaxs and his best mate planned a trip to Norwich over the long weekend so we all went including my Rascal and De (Jax best mate’s wife). We stopped over at Colechester where we visited Colechester Castle and its Park.
Our hotel was right next to Norwich football pitch (yep my Jaxs is a football fan) and very close to Delia Smith’s restaurant which had table for that the weekend!!! But we didn’t go in the end….again, I must make another trip up there just for Delia.

The next day we went to Great Yarnmouth, the weather forecast mentioned rain at 1pm….so we were prepared to get out brollies out…but it didn’t rain. Hooray!! It was a lovely sunny day where Rascal and I collected pebbles and drew pictures in the sand.

The last day was spent in Norwich town centre and a lovely town called Lavenham.

Jarrolds in Norwich Town Centre

The Wonky Art Center in Laverham. We went to a lovely 4 star pub/hotel were we ate cream teas, which was lovely and the shops there were so pretty. Yep…..I need another trip there.

I’m hoping to get some time to do some crafting later on this month and finish the Rascal never ending cardigan. Fingers crossed.

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