Hubby’s Birthday

Didn’t we have a lovely weekend! I took Friday off to bake a cake for my hubby and to take my daughter to her reception class which is my first time in the school term. My hubs have taken her a few times already, but as I start work at 8.30am I don’t really get the chance. It was fun as I went into her classroom to see the caterpillars and had a little chat with her teachers. Here is a photo of the birthday cake which hubs and Rascal helped decorate:

Hubby is not too keen on Birthdays means he’s getting older you see (being the wrong side of thirty), but hey look at Hugh Jackman….he looks good for forty something. Hee Hee Hee!

Rascal’s cardigan is nearly done! Just need to knit one more side and finish the sewing up. I tried it on the Rascal and I think it may be a bit too small. Hey, kids grow up SO FAST! Or I KNIT TOO SLOW. Hee hee Hee! Next time I will knit two size larger than her age/size.
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