British Holiday

We went to the lovely seaside town of Bournemouth, Dorset, to celebrate my daughter’s birthday during the long weekend and we all really enjoyed ourselves. It was one of the best holidays that we’ve had this year. There has been a lot of news that more people are spending their holidays in the UK due to the recession, but Jax and I have been holidaying mostly in the UK while we were dating. I remember one year we went to the Cotswold’s where there are beautiful scenery, gardens and cottages during the foot and mouth disease (we had to disinfect our tires everywhere we went) and was nobody there. We have a few photos of me on this lovely old fashion village all by myself. Hee hee hee, we were almost the only tourist visitors in the town that day.

Here are some holiday snaps.

The award winning beach was lovely and so clean that we wanted to go swimming there. From the photo you can see the rascal trying wall climbing for the first time. She managed to climb all the way up but could get down. The guy had to climb up to rescue her. Hee hee hee, I love wall climbing too (I use to go to the one near Swiss Cottage), so the rascal clearly takes after me.
I need to find some time to take a photo of the finished cardigan, I will post it as soon as the photo is done. I’m off to dance class tonight to burn off all the chocolate font and donuts I’ve been eating.
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