Knitting and Cha Cha Cha-ing

Thank you for all your advice on adding stitches to create the sleeve on the cardigan. In the end, I read the instructions a few more times and silly me, I forgot to look at the diagram they had on the other page. After looking at the diagram, it clicked. All I had to do was cast on extra stitches using the two needle method (I think), fingers cross it will be ok.

Now, what is with this Cha Cha Cha-ing. Well, I’ve recently (actually three weeks ago) started a 12 week Beginner’s Ballroom Dancing course at Pineapple Studios. I’m going by myself as my Hubs wants to wait until he’s fit enough, so he has agreed that he will not complain if I dance with another guy. Luckily there were a quite a few single guys there, so I teamed up with my dance partner called Mike. The class is very fun and very basic really, we are only learning the steps so we won’t be dancing like this yet:

[Photo from Strictly Come Dancing]

I’ve also start Salsa as well so it’s a good thing Pineapple Studios and Dancia International are all located in Covent Garden. Here are the latin dance shoes I bought from Dancia (mind my ugly feet).
Better get back to the knitting.
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