We had another busy weekend. We went to visit our friends the Edwards, and more importantly their lovely baby J on Saturday. They are in the middle of moving house, so Jaxs helped move some of the large and bulky furniture. I helped look after the baby and carry some lighter items.

On Sunday, we helped move some of the large furniture and then we visited Gracie who invited us to her pre-Christmas Roast. Boy, did we have great meal and I was so stuffed afterwards. Alex’s (Gracie’s other half) made a great black forest trifle and Gracie made a great Oreo cheesecake. Thanks darlings for a great meal!!

[A non-alcoholic version especially made for my Rascal]

As promised, I have posted some photos of the goodies we bought at the Wemake Craft Fair:

Here is the colouring pencil holder we brought from Florence. Isn’t is lovely.

Here, my Rascal is using the colouring pencils to draw pictures inside the Christmas cards for her friends.

A card Sculpture bought from Cool4Cats. The are a huge King Kong climbing up a tower sculpture at the show, my Rascal absolutely loves it.

A pretty crocheted flower hair band.

I have two more days of work then I break up for Christmas, yay! Anyway, have a great week everyone.
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