Spring and a Time for Change

Being British, we love our tea and talking about the weather and the weather has been lovely recently. 17 degree celsius! The birds are singing, people are outside enjoying the sun and I’ve been taking my daughter out cycling. Spring is also a time to reflect and make some changes. We’ve been spring cleaning and I’ve got some plans to sort out my craft area (i.e. my flat really as I don’t have a dedicated craft area). So we have a trip to Ikea planned to get a few things.
I’ve recently heard from my doctors that I can stop taking my pills for my thyroid as they suspect that my condition may have been temporary, however, I still need to go to my regular appointments so they can monitor the level. So in a way that is good news, hopefully I’ll be fully recovered soon. 🙂
I’ve also finished my Mimi cropped jacket just in time for spring. All I need to do is to block the jacket. Yay!

Do you remember I won the give away at Claire Montgomery’s book signing at Loop last year? Well, I’ve started the summer cropped cardigan. It is very straight forward to knit so hopefully I’ll have another cardigan to show everyone. I’m hoping knit something more advance next time, my daughter’s Hawaii will involve some lace and shaping with lace, so that will be interesting. I’m also planning on knitting some garments from Ysolda’s patterns which will involve knitting the garment in one piece top down. Kyoko has got some lovely children patterns which involves cables, frills and eyelets, so I’ll be checking them out.

In the mean time, I’m still waiting for a few supplies to knit a few more items for my shop, so I’m keeping busy. 🙂

Have a lovely week everyone!
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One Response to Spring and a Time for Change

  1. Kyoko says:

    Hi Mary!Love love love the cardi. You have to wear it and take a photo :DYeah the weather is nice (but deceivingly cold don't you think?).Thank you for mentioning my patterns. Yep the new mermaid bolero is out. Look forward to seeing you soon!xKyoko

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