We’re having a heat wave here in London and everyone seems to be happier and prettier.  Despite being happy and hopefully prettier, I’ve been feeling tired.  My eyes and head feels really heavy.  So I’ve been trying to walk by the dockside after work to relax and look what I saw one evening.  A couple of Canadian geese and their goslings.  Isn’t this beautiful?  We also have a flock of swans and their cygnet nearby, but I have been unable to take any photos of them, maybe next time.


I have cut some fabric to start sewing my first garment.  To start me off, I have chosen a very simple summer vest from this Japanese sewing book.  Better to learn how to walk before running.  Then hopefully once I get the hang of it I can progress to make skirts and dresses.  I bought this fabric from the Wimbledon craft centre in Tooting Bec.  They sell a wide variety of fabrics at a very good price, so it is worth visiting.  Kyoko has also mentioned Shepard Bush for buying fabrics, so I may go one weekend to do some fabric shopping. 

I have also started knitting my daughter’s Hawaii.  It’s a pretty summer lace cardigan which is interesting to knit once you get pass the boring stocking stitch at the bottom.  The yarn is Rowan cotton wool (50% cotton and 50% wool) so she can wear it all seasons, once I finishing knitting it.  I am also knitting this cardigan two sizes bigger as she grows quicker than I knit.   Anyway, I’m going to rest now and look at the ducks and sailing boats.

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5 Responses to WIPs

  1. two hippos says:

    I’m sure your top will look great!

  2. Kyoko says:

    Oh, how exciting on your new knitting project 😀
    Poor thing that you have been feeling tired. I am exactly the same (and on top of it I have tendonitis behind my knee…). The hot weather is great though. Made some lemonade and that totally quenched my thirst (plus vitamin C!)

    • Hi Kyoko,

      I hope you are feeling better. The weather is not too hot now and my headache has gone.

      Yes, I’m excited about this kniiting project too, I hope it will fit her.


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