I’m writing my first blog post using my iPhone WordPress app and the photos from my phone so it may appear a bit funny.

Gosh it has been a while since I’ve blogged. We have been spending time with Jax’s Aunty and cousins from Hong Kong over the last two weeks. They came to visit Jax’s Grandad who is 97 years old and to spend time with their family and friends. Jax’s Grandad has travelled to many countries and he even remembers when men in China wore their hair in plaits and that is really a long time ago.

We took them around London tourist areas as well as local museums. I had to take them to the V&A Museum of Childhood as it is one if my favourite museums.

There are always new toys displayed and there were a few that caught my eye; the Tomy children knitting machine and the Kenner Bylthe doll.

We also went to watch The Railway Children which is performed on one of tracks where the old Eurostar platforms use to be at Waterloo Station. This brought me back to my childhood when The Railway Children (as well as The Secret Garden) was (and still is) one if my favourite books. I really enjoyed the play and the real steam engine was

amazing (apparantly the carriage is from the original film).

I highly recommend this play for all ages and a part of the ticket price is donated to The Railway Children Charity helping homeless children. The only thing is that the actors have to wear winter victorian clothes and it must be very hot in this weather (it was 30 degrees celsius when we watched it). But they were all excellent.

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8 Responses to Children

  1. two hippos says:

    I love the sound of seeing the Railway Children with a real steam train, although the 30’s not so appealing! Sounds like you’ve had a fun few weeks. Rx

    • Hi Ruth,

      I’m sure that your family would enjoy this play. It is not too bad for the audience as you can wear a summer dress/clothes to watch the play but the actors on stage wear thick clothes and wooly hats. It should be better now that the weather has cooled down.


  2. Kyoko says:

    How amazing that his granddad remembers the time when people had their hair plaited! My granddad passed away when I was 15 and I always feel I should have learnt a lot more from him.
    The museum looks so fun. I have to go there!

    • Hi Kyoko!

      Both my grandad past away when I was very young but I learnt a lot from my grandmothers. My Nan helped me out with my school work and she tried to teach me the Chinese knot buttons, but she couldn’t remember. She was 96 years old.


  3. I love it that England has been having warmer weather than California for once. I think that that will be coming to a screeching halt now though – it’s 9am and already hot and sunny here. Looks like the overcast mornings are a thing of the past.

    I’ve got the cheapest sewing machine that you can buy over here, but I’ve still been pleasantly surprised by all it can do. It has a stretch stitch for use on stretchy fabrics (it looks like this on the dial: ///\\\///\\\ with a bunch of parallel dashes under that), but you can use the zig zag stitch if your machine doesn’t have that stitch. That allows the fabric to stretch without the stitches breaking. The first time I used it it didn’t look great, but now it’s doing just fine and I have no idea why.

    You are supposed to use a ballpoint needle on knit fabrics, but I forgot the one time and it luckily was ok.

    That’s about all I can think of, except be careful not to pull the fabric through the machine, so you don’t stretch out the edges and get a lettuce edge effect. I’ve seen people suggest using a walking foot, but I don’t have one of those.

    I hope that helps (sorry for taking up all this room in your comments – I couldn’t find an e-mail address)

  4. Lizzet says:

    What a nice post! Love Grandad… mine passed away a few years ago but I have very fond memories.
    I have never been in that museum, I should go next time I am in London 🙂

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