Gracie Capelet

I have just realised that I have only shown my work in progress here but forgot to show you the finished product which was completed a while ago and is now in the shop.  I’ve named it after Gracie who bakes lovely cakes; she baked me another  delicious birthday cake this year, see here for the photos of the cake and moi. If you are reading this: thanks darling!
Anyway, back to the capelet.  I wanted to knit a capelet which is graceful and yet simple (not too fussy).  The yarn is beautiful silk-cotton blend with a tiny amount of rayon.  The clasp also adds a little elegance and it does not look out-of-place when the capelet is used as a scarf. 
You probably recognise the model, yep it is me and the photos were taken by my hubs.  We do need more practice though.  Jax has enrolled in a photography course with his friend so hopefully our photography will improve.   I need to take some photos of my birthday pressies and sewing projects for my next blog post, but it will have to wait to the weekend.
Enjoy the rest of the week everyone.  I only have four more days of working at my current job before I leave.  Arggg…..I’m excited and nervous at the same time.  Fingers cross everything will turnout ok.
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6 Responses to Gracie Capelet

  1. Ling says:

    Hi Mary
    The Gracie capelet looks fabulous. I love the colour and the clasp. Gorgeous!

    BTW – will you be going to Knit Nation? I’m probably going to be there all 3 days. Hope to see you there.

  2. Kyoko says:

    Hi Mary!
    Lovely capelet 😀 Wonderful detail. It is your own original design right? If so, I will help you pattern it.
    Yep not long to go now. Hang in there. You will have a fab time afterwrads!
    I will chat to you very soon 😀

    • Hi Kyoko,

      Yep it is my own design (making it up as I knit really 🙂 ). It would be nice to pattern it, will chat to you when you are less busy. I’m making another one for the shop, but will be making minor changes.

      Will speak to you soon.


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