Week Off: Part 2: KnitNation

After returning from our trip to Cornwall (with a tall pile of washing to do) we had to go to Bond Street to buy my daughter a new dress and a new pair of shoes for Kyoko’s wedding.  We discovered that she has grown a couple of inches since February and her shoes were too small.  So I wasn’t sure whether I would have time to go to KnitNation and I didn’t get around booking the classes I wanted attend (the introduction to lace knitting and sock knitting) as I wasn’t sure which day I could attend.  But on Saturday my daughter wanted to visit my Inlaws so I had a few hours free to go the KnitNation market place.

I met Ling there who was helping out and who was also taking some classes.  I also met the lovely ladies at the Denise Interchangeable needles stand who taught me how to do Tunisian crochet.  It is really addictive and fun.  Here is a photo of my progress (I only crochet the last few inches of the small red scarf).  The interchangeable crochet needles are very easy to use, I’m so tempted to take this up.

I then had so much fun trying on nearly all the garments at Ysolda Teague’s stand and taking a few photos in her photo booth.  So fun!  It was lovely to see all her garments and actually trying them on and chatting to her about fit.  My favourite has to be the rose-red Coralline (which I forgot to take a photo…….silly me).  

Hats and more hats…..

Photos and more photos…..I was so tempted to take more but I was a bit embarrassed.

I promised myself that I wouldn’t buy any yarn as there is no space at home and I was a very good girl.  Although I have ran out of space for yarn, I can still squeeze some space on my book shelf for Susan Crawford new knitting book, Vintage Gifts to Knit.  I was a bit shy to ask to take a photo with her but I’ve got a signed book….yay!  I absolutely love love love this book.  It is full of 1940s/50s style accessories which still looks stylish for today’s generation and most of the garments are modelled by Susan’s daughter who is very pretty.  I must find some time to do more knitting.

This bed Jacket is absolutely beautiful.  One of the girls from Loop was wearing this at KnitNation and it is very cute.

I also love these 1950 style winter accessories, it would make a lovely Christmas present.

After having so much fun at KnitNation, I headed to the V&A museum for lunch at the courtyard and then a quick walk around the museum, then home to get ready for Kyoko’s wedding on Sunday.  

You will have to wait for the next post to see her dress,  in the mean time I leave you with the beautiful dress worn by the beautiful Grace Kelly. 

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2 Responses to Week Off: Part 2: KnitNation

  1. two hippos says:

    knit nation sounded wonderful, the vintage knit book looks fab too. Can’t wait to see the wedding photo’s!

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