A Night Out at Homemade London

I made a last minute decision to attend a tote making workshop at the newly opened Homemade London last Thursday. Making a tote bag for my knitting projects has been on my ‘To Do’ list for a long time. There are certain things such as crafts, studying and baking, that I don’t like doing alone. I use to go to the local library, parks (Hyde Park) or a local coffee shop to revise for my exams. So sewing with a friendly group of people is ideal.

I was greeted by Nicola, who owns the craft salon, and directed to a vintage cabinet containing a selection of designer fabrics. I chose a blue printed fabric and a bright red lining. While I waited for the rest of the sewing group to arrive I had a nosey around the salon.

The place has a homely feel with design and craft books piled high in a corner. The wallpaper is custom made and has pictures of vintage sewing machines. I could easily spend all day there. We were also treated to champagne, Ginger beer, snacks and a delicious chocolate cake.

When the sewing group arrived it felt so easy to chat to everyone and the atmosphere was very relaxed and fun too. A few passer bys came into the salon to see what was happening. Must be our loud voices or laughter.

I made a few minor mistakes but I’m really proud of my tote bag. I was also taught a new way of sewing the straps. All in all it was a great evening especially after a day at work. Here are a few photos I took on my iPhone (I didn’t bring my camera as it was a last minute decision).

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6 Responses to A Night Out at Homemade London

  1. Lizzet says:

    Love your bag and your fabric choices!!! You are right about crafting in a group, I do it on my own most of the time but it is great when you can get together with frineds and have a good time as well as knitting or sewing 🙂

  2. Kyoko says:

    Hi Mary!
    How cool is that? Tote bags are so useful. It sounds really fun to make bags with people!
    Yeah, I am forever shoving my knitting into a random bag. I should make a proper one this year 😀

  3. Lisa says:

    What a fun workshop! Love the fabric you have used on your tote – sounds like the perfect after work activity.

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