Knitting at the Farm

After visiting our local farm last month, I asked the Manager whether I could have a stand at the monthly craft market to see whether the locals would be interested in one-off beginners’ knitting workshops. He agreed, so I arrived early to set up a stall. I bought some of my own knitting, some spare knitting needles and some odd bits of yarn in a basket.

After Friday’s downpour in London, we were a bit worried that it would rain today, but the weather was lovely this morning. I manage to get some interest and a potential commission. A young girl knitted a pink bow and she also made some pom poms which she plans on turning into a hair clip. My daughter also joined in the fun mainly making pom poms and I knitted some leaves, so it was all good fun.

We had to pack up early as it started to rain at 2.30pm. Although we all had a really good time, I still feel that I need to do a lot more research on doing knitting workshops.        

I’ve finished two items for the shop, but I still need to wash, block and take some photos before I can list it on Etsy. I’ll blog about it when it’s done.

Have a lovely week everyone and hopefully the weather will improve in London.

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3 Responses to Knitting at the Farm

  1. two hippos says:

    Sounds like a great morning! Oh you have a Blythe doll, we are about to buy our first. Which one did you go for? Have you seen the fab patterns for clothes?

    • Hi Ruth,

      My daughter had a good time. It was fun. We have a Punkaholic People Blythe because she has the same hair cut as my daughter. I have not seen the clothes pattern, but we are planning on knitting her some clothes.


  2. two hippos says:

    Hi Mary
    Just bought a Nicky Lad, as Miss T loved the accessories – she comes with pink spectacles! Not too sure which day I am going as my Mother is going to be in town. Look forward to seeing your knitted Blythe clothes, I am sure I have some old Barbie patterns that could be adapted.

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