Staying Indoors

I’m going to be very British and start this blog by discussing the weather.  It has been very wet and windy here in London.  As a result we have been staying at home a lot recently.  This should mean  that I have lots time to knit but my daughter got the chicken pox at the start of the month.  She had to stay away from school for one week and I spent a few days working from home.  Most of her spots were on her back and she had a few on her face.  Poor girl, but she is better now and I finally have some to catch up with my blog and knitting.

As promised here are some progress photos of my knitting.  First photo is my Ishbel (designed by Ysolda Teague),  I love this malabarigo yarn so much. 

I can’t wait to finish the shawl and start wearing it.

Next is my Kat (Kim Hargreave’s design) which is a bit slow to knit and I find the yarn (Rowan Kid Classic) a bit itchy to knit with.  Hmm…. I hope it won’t feel itchy on my head.

Now that my daughter is better, I managed to get some time to do some shopping at Bond Street.  I promised my daughter that I’d get her some biscuits to have with her milk when she gets better, so this box of Swiss Chocolate Biscuits from Marks and Spencer are perfect.  The box is beautifully designed and the biscuits are small which is a perfect excuse to have more than one.

I also brought some tape from Muji to use for decorating cards and presents.

I think it is time to put the kettle on and do some knitting now….

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

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4 Responses to Staying Indoors

  1. ruth says:

    love the muji tape, perfect for Christmas crafts and your knitting is looking fab!

  2. Kyoko says:

    So glad that she is better now. How sweet that you got the choc cookies with milk. I am craving for it now! 😉
    Also, you have been busy with your knitting!! 😀 Although my moving-in date has delayed (thanks to crappy builders!!! peh peh) it’s not too long until I can get together to knit with you again (can’t wait). I love all the projects you are doing.
    I have not prepared for this years Christmas (yet again!!) and I know it will be a pain to get thing sorted last minutes!!! sigh.. but I am sure it will be fine. What a good idea to use a fun tape to decorate 😀
    Chat to you soon.

  3. Poor lass – I’m glad she’s doing better. We’ve had cool and sometimes drizzly weather here in California, which has slowed my knitting, as the wimpy Californians keep cancelling football practice because it is ‘too cold’. They don’t seem to realise that football practice is often the only time that I manage to get my needles out…

    Your knitting projects look lovely. It’s about time I attempted something more involved on the knitting front – maybe after Christmas.

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