The Norweign Christmas Fair

We have all caught the winter bug and resting at home this weekend.  I caught it first last weekend when I spent most of Sunday in bed and now my husband and daughter have it too.  So there is a lot of coughing and sniffing.  Despite being ill (but not ill enough to stay at home) I had to go to work last week as I had a few meetings and deadlines to meet. But as soon as I got home I headed straight to bed.  So that’s why there hasn’t been any blog posts recently.

I’ve made no progress with my knitting and I haven’t done any sewing for such a long time.  Oh nevermind….

Anyway, last Saturday we all went to the Finnish/Norwegian Christmas Fair at the Finnish Church in Rotherhithe.  I heard about it on Twitter and as it is so close to where we live we thought we should check it out.

The Christmas fair was held on two floors and there were a lot of Finnish/Norwegian food for sale.  Here is my husband asking about a strange-looking egg.  We found out that it is actually a real egg-shell with chocolate inside. Interesting….

There were lots of Moonin goodies too.

Norwegian/Finnish sock yarn.  I bought a ball to knit some socks for my daughter.

There are so many lovely Christmas Fairs to visit over the next few weekends.  There is the Wemake Fair next week too and the Cockpit Art Open Days.  Must recover quickly.

Have a lovely weekend and wrap up warm.

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One Response to The Norweign Christmas Fair

  1. ruth says:

    Looked like lots of fun, Miss T just adores the Moomins! I am planning to get over to Cockpit open studio tomorrow, in Holborn. Hope you feel better soon.

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