Keeping Warm

The good thing about being able to knit is that I can use good quality yarn to knit garments/accessories for family, friends and myself.  I find that pure wool, cashmere, alpaca and merino wool are much warmer than shop bought accessories made out of man-made fiber.  However, since the British Wool campaign I have noticed that a few shops are promoting British wool or selling garments using ethically sourced wool. 

The snow came last week and the temperature dropped to -7 degrees here in London.  So we have been keeping warm in lots of layers of clothes.  I was wearing my woolly mittens and my hands were warmer than my friend who was wearing leather gloves. 

Anyway, here are  few photos of the snow we had:

Me and my woolly cable hat:

Try and spot the dogs.  Once of our neighbours have the most beautiful white fury dog and a cute little chihuahua.

This is the bench that a few people around our area like to sit and knit in the summer.  I don’t think it is a good idea to knit here now:

The snow makes a simple road so pretty and you could see that the docks is covered in a think layer of ice:

The snow has melted now, but I have my fingers crossed that we have a white Christmas here in London.

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