Baking and Knitting

January has always been such a busy month.  Every year I always say that I’ll do my tax return and accounts in the summer, but for the past three years there is always a huge rush to get it done towards the end of January.  The same goes for work. It has been extremely busy this month and it’s getting a bit stressful.  I’m hoping things will calm down in February. 

To try to relax I have taken Kyoko’s advice and try to bake some bread.  Instead of making proper bread I started with the simple pizza base.  I’ve heard a lot about how relaxing it is to knead the dough  and the fun of watching it prove.  Before I start making bread I could not resist getting myself a huge Mason Cash bowl.  Now there is no excuse not to bake more often.

My daughter helped me make the pizza from the start and we both a had great time:

We were also really pleased with how the pizza turned out:

We made too much, but the pizza still tasted great the next day. 

I have also been catching up with my knitting and I’ve finished knitting my Ishbel shawl and Kat hat.  Ishbel still needs to be blocked but here is Kat:

Have a great weekend everyone, I’m off to do some knitting.

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4 Responses to Baking and Knitting

  1. Ling says:

    Yummy pizzas! I love making pizza from scratch. I think they taste so much better!

    Can’t wait to see your finished Ishbel – it’s on my to knit list.

    • Hi Ling! Yes, I agree that homemade pizza tastes much better. :D. I’ve realised that I’m rubbish at blocking but it will get done.

      Hope to see your Ishbel soon. What kind if yarn are you planning on using?


  2. Kyoko says:

    The pizza looks absolutely amazing. Isn’t bread making so fun (although it takes time – a bit like knitting!). I am so going to get the bowl one day (I am still using the crappy plastic one).
    I absolutely love the hat you have knitted. It looks sooooo sweet on you! 😀

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