Hello Spring

It’s spring and I’m back.  Gosh, it has been a while.  It feels like I’ve been hibernating during the last few months of winter.  Work has been very busy recently as I’ve recently taken on a project  which involves working on the department’s intranet, which is interesting.  So I’ve been working fairly long hours and when I get home I try to spend some time with my little girl.  Hence there hasn’t been much time for blogging recently.  The weekends have been just as busy, Saturdays are spent on my daughter’s piano lesson then children activities and Sundays are Chinese School and homework.  It would be great to have an extra day off to recover from the weekend.

Anyway, I have been crafting during this time.  I’ve recently finished knitting my Honeycomb Cowl. I originally plan to sell it on my shop but I made the mistake of trying it on which meant that I couldn’t resist keeping it for myself.

Oh well, if I get the time I’d like to write-up the pattern (it will be a free pattern), but it still needs improving. 

As the weather has been extra sunny here in London, we have been spending more time outdoors especially around Greenwich.  I’m not sure whether I have mentioned this before but there is a lovely ‘paint your own pottery cafe’ in Greenwich called Biscuit.  We popped by recently to paint a few things; a bowl and a small box to store my daughter’s teeth (she is losing her milk teeth at the moment).  Here are a few photos:

The bowl which is currently used as a saucer for a house plant:

This photo was taken near the visitor centre:

I’d love to do a blog post on Greenwich as it is one of my favourite town in London.  Hopefully my next blog post won’t take so long next time. 

For all of those in London – Enjoy the great weather this week.  It’s so sunny!

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10 Responses to Hello Spring

  1. ruth says:

    great to see you back! Greenwich is a great part of town, I used to love a walk through the park and then visit the market at the weekends. Havent been there for such a long time, would be great to see a post about it.

  2. Ling says:

    Hi Mary
    Glad to see you back! We’re definitely enjoying the Spring weather here in West London. Looking forward to your cowl pattern.

    • Hi Ling,

      I’m so glad that Spring is finally here, it sure has been a long winter. This will be the first time writing a knitting pattern, so I’m feeling the pressure to get it right. Hopefully it won’t take too long.


  3. pip says:

    I love your honeycomb cowl!

  4. Kyoko says:

    Hello Mary!
    The cowl is lovely. I love the texture and the yarn you used!
    It was a nice weekend wasn’t it? Although it’s raining today, hope will be nice on Sunday!
    Hopefully the workload is less so that you can enjoy Spring knitting 😉

    • Hi Kyoko!

      Thanks for your compliments :D. I had a stroll around Greenwich Park last Sunday and it was lovely. We could take our knitting there next time.

      Work is still busy, I have an intranet portal to launch by the middle of May which is daunting and exciting too.

      Speak to you soon!


  5. I don’t blame you for keeping it – it looks great!

    I always end up taking visitors to the same old tourist spots when I go to London. One day I need to go to just explore, with no foreigners that want to see the Tower in tow…

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