First Sewing Kit

My daughter has recently applied to join the after school craft club, but due to high demand she didn’t get a place.  So we decided to set aside some time during the weekend to do some crafting ourselves.  The first thing we did was to buy her a small sewing kit, some aida cross stich fabric and some thread from John Lewis.

With a bit of practice (it’s been a while since I’ve done any cross stitch) this is what we managed to do over a couple of afternoons:

We are hoping to move onto cross stitching some pictures, but one step at a time. 

I hope everyone are enjoying their long bank holidays in the UK, the weather has been great so far.  We have been spending lots of time around London Parks, especially Greenwich park off course, having picnics and playing some games outdoors (badminton, frisbee, football etc).  Here is a photo I took around Greenwich Park one afternoon.

I hope everyone will have a great Easter tomorrow.

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3 Responses to First Sewing Kit

  1. ruth says:

    Do hope you have a wonderful Easter!

  2. Ling says:

    Hi. I’m doing the same with my daughter. She seems very keen to sew and knit too.
    And we’re enjoying the summer weather too by visiting lots of parks!

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