Long Break

I hope everyone in the UK had a great break over April.  It feels like the summer holidays have started early.  The kids in the UK had most of April off school and we had several long weekends.  The mini heat wave has meant that it feels a lot warmer than the typical April in London (not sure what has happened to our April Showers).  So it feels really strange to go back to work and having to work a full five-day week.

My poor husband has really missed it all due to his exams.  He has been stuck in the library for most of April.  So I’ve been busy keeping my daughter entertained over the weekend.

First of all we had frozen yoghurt at Snog, which was amazing.  The decor, the wide choice of toppings and the frozen yoghurt were great. 


We visited the Butterfly exhibition at the Natural History Museum:

That is a real butterfly on my daughter’s head.  The butterflies were really big and I was actually really scared of one landing on my face, but my daughter looked after me. 

We watched the Royal Wedding on television while eating a fry up (English Breakfast):

I finally got the opportunity to wear my Mimi Cropped Cardigan, yay!

I’m currently working on knitting my Coraline Cardigan which I’ll blog about in my next blogpost.

Better go and have a snoop around blogland to see what everyone has been up to during their long break.    Have a great week!

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One Response to Long Break

  1. ruth says:

    the cardigan looks great, perfect!

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