Autumn in Brugge

November has been a busy month.  I have been on several business trips around the UK from Scotland, Liverpool, Northamptonshire to Gatwick in London.  Work and life were getting a bit too stressful, so we decided to go on a relaxing family trip to Brugge.

Brugge is such a lovely city.  It is not too overwhelming and we managed to visit most of the places and shops during our weekend trip.  We were surprised to see cars give way to bicycles.  The people who live there cycle together; from little children to their grandparents, and they don’t seem to lock their bikes, which is very different to London.

We visited the main tourist sites, such as the Market Square, went on the horse carriage around the main town and a boat trip on the canal.  We also ate lots of good food including lots of chocolate and waffles.  The hotel we stayed at (The Flanders) was directly opposite a small local craft store called Gobelin Kreatief and there were many small independent design and vintage shops on the same road.  Here are some photos of our trip:

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2 Responses to Autumn in Brugge

  1. ruth says:

    looks like you had a great time away!

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