First Crafternoon of 2012

Last Saturday I decided to organise a last-minute crafternoon.  One of my friend is expecting her second child soon so she wanted to get some inspiration to make things for her baby.  Her future sister-in-law also joined us to make a few handmade decorations for her wedding this year.  She also bought along her new embossing tools to prepare some prototypes for her wedding stationary.  Embossing looks really interesting and yes, I am tempted to give it a try too.  Kyoko also came along with her knitting.  Unfortunately, I am unable to show you photos of her knitting projects and S’s wedding stationary prototypes, but I’m sure Kyoko will show you photos once her patterns are published.

My girl and her friend made some flower cuttings (for the wedding) using the paper punchers/cutters and folded tissue paper:

Embossing looks interesting…….

It was fun to get together to chat and share our craft inspiration.   We also drank lots of tea/coffee and  ate lots of sweet treats.  Here are some photos of the sweet treats (I felt bad for making my pregnant friend wait while I took photos of the food):

Kyoko baked a delicious apricot frangipane tart:

We also baked some pretzel using Gracie’s recipe, but they ended up looking more like little knots, but they tasted really good!!

Vanilla Sugar:

Poppy seeds:

I hope to organise or go to more crafternoons this year as it was really fun.  I have now started knitting my second sleeve for my Coraline which has been untouched for a couple of months now.  Happy crafting/baking everyone!!

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6 Responses to First Crafternoon of 2012

  1. ruth says:

    what a fantastic afternoon, creating, chatting and cake!

  2. Gracie says:

    Aww.. looks like you had an amazing afternoon! Pretzel knots look fab! I have now posted the macaron recipe, you can try that one next! 🙂


  3. Crafternoons sound like a great idea. I need to find some friends that are interested in crafting…

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