Happy Chinese New Year!

It’s Chinese New Year’s Eve today and over the last few days I have been busy tidying up  our little flat and doing my tax return.  My Mum used to ask us to clean up our bedrooms and to put all of our old clothes and toys into bags to donate to charity.  This year I managed a mini clear out and donated three handbags to charity, which is not too bad.

You’re probably wondering why I had to do my tax return before Chinese New Year?  Well, it is a superstition that you should repay all your debts before the New Year, otherwise you would be constantly owing people money for the next year.  So I’ve paid my taxes and subscriptions, although I do owe a colleague £2 which I will have repay on Tuesday, oh well, I’ve tried my best.

We have also got all our lucky packets ready to give to unmarried relatives and children of friends and family.

I wish everyone a Happy and Healthy Year of Dragon!  I’m off to Mums for a big meal .

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