Pattern Drafting

I went on a dress making beginner’s class, where I was taught how to take my measurements, draft a simple pencil skirt pattern and then sew a muslin/sample.  The class took place at Bermondsey Biscuit Factory, which is secretly hidden behind Bermondsey Tube station.

It was a one day intensive course and covered the basics of dress making .  Although I taught myself how to use a sewing machine (by reading the manual and going on Youtube), I didn’t learn the foundation of sewing, such how as how to control the sewing machine so it stopped exactly where you wanted it to or how to change the needle and foot.  The pattern drafting session was really useful too; I used a French Curve for the first time and learnt how to sew darts (I didn’t have a clue what a dart was before the course).  The teacher also gave us a few hints and tips on improving our sewing.

Taking measurements:

Skirt pattern:

My muslin/sample which fits perfectly:

It was also lovely to spend time with a group of girls (there were no guys there) learning how to sew and just chat really.  I now need to pick some fabrics to sew some pencil skirts (with a waist band) at my favorite craft store.

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One Response to Pattern Drafting

  1. smittenness says:

    This course looks ace! Been thinking about taking pattern drafting course for ages and got my head stuck in Metric Pattern Cutting now. Great book but so very dry. Maybe a course is what I need.

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