Train Stations and Madeleines

When I use to work in Waterloo, the Euro Star was still located at Waterloo station. There were so many people with their little suitcases or over night bags travelling to Paris everyday and I use to be so tempted to just hop on the next train to Paris for a day trip. Now, I work next to Euston Station and I still get tempted to just hop on the next train to Scotland or walk down to Kings Cross St Pancreas where the Euro Star is now located travel to Paris. The trains are sooooo close. I see people so excited with their luggage that I’m so tempted to just join them.

Anyway, I love going to Paris, but after going there twice last year, I can’t afford it this year. However, there are a few things around my home that reminds me of my trips there:

A French tin which use to contain the best chocolate covered almonds from La Cure Gourmande:

My bag, made using French fabric, at Homemade London:

The other day I was invited to a girly get together for chocolate fondue. So I decided to make Rachel Khoo’s Madeleines with Lemon Curd:

I love the fact that she adds a little English twist to traditional French recipes. Lakeland has got the best Madeleine tins (there is a special buy one get one half price at the moment) and the acrylic cake stand is from BHS.

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