Hi!  My name is Mary,  I live in London with my husband Jax and my daughter.   When I’m not working I love to knit, sew, bake, watch movies (especially children’s animation) and dancing.  I’m known as KnitSewCityGirl on Ravelry and my little shop on Etsy is called IntertwinedKnits.

Unlike most people who craft I don’t come from a family who craft, my Mum was a teacher (who wasn’t keen on being sent to sewing classes by my Granddad when she was young) and my Dad is an Accountant.  My love of crafts and haberdashery started from waiting outside the hair dressing department at the Army and Navy department store while my Mum had her hair cut and permed.  The section outside the hair dressers was the haberdashery where you could find fabrics, yarn and many knitting patterns.  There were also lots of stationary from Japan such as Hello Kitty and Keroppe.  I use to love browsing all the interesting knitting patterns and I even bought a few despite not understanding the strange knitting language.

During my time at University I stopped crafting and decided to focus on being a career women (it was the 90s and girl power was the message to all young girls).  After qualifying as an Accountant and working in the city, I felt the need to craft and make things again.   Although Army and Navy has since been closed down and my Mum cuts and perms her own hair now, you can still find me browsing the haberdashery section at John Lewis and Liberty. After teaching myself to knit I can finally understand the funny knitting language.