Big and Small Knitting

I have been knitting Ysolda’s Coraline on and off for the past few months now.  The plan was to start knitting it last summer and complete it before the winter, but now I have to wait till next Autumn/Winter to wear it (if I finish it by then).   So far I have joined the sleeves to the body and I have started knitting the yoke.   I do love knitting garments, but I’m such a slow knitter.

So I have decided to knit more baby and children garments.  They should be quicker to knit than adult garments.  Most of my friends are married now and hopefully they will be having babies soon.  If I start knitting some baby garments/accessories, I should have some ready-made gifts (here I am trying to be organised).  Lets see how I get on.  Anyway, I popped by John Lewis haberdashery the other day and I found Fyberspate’s Scrumptious Baby Collection.

The patterns are absolutely gorgeous and unisex (depending on which colour yarn you choose).  I love Kyoko’s Temari: 

and Belinda Boaden’s Corlyma cardigan and hat:

If I had the time, I would knit everything from the book.  They are so cute.  The good thing about this book is the size, I can fit it onto my overflowing bookshelf and carry it around in my bag.

It’s a bit late in the night for knitting now, but I must get on with finishing my Coraline cardigan.

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4 Responses to Big and Small Knitting

  1. ruth says:

    the baby clothes are adorable and so much quicker to knit! I’m still knitting a huge oversize jumper for my daughter, started last summer!

    • Hi Ruth,
      What pattern are you using to knit your daughter’s jumper? Adult garments do take a long time and I’m glad I’m not the only one. My girl is growing up so quickly that I now need to knit 2-3 size bigger.

      I hope to see the oversize jumper soon.


  2. Sarah says:

    I think baby clothes are definitely the way forward – I’m so slow with adult garments too.

    • Hi Sarah,
      I’m looking forward to knitting the baby garments and I hope they are quicker to finish. Adult garments are lovely, but do take a lot of time and paitence. I heard that socks are fairly quick to knit too, although they still imtimate me.


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