Ideal Home 2012

Last week we went to our annual trip to the Ideal Home Show at Earls Court.  This is one of my favorite shows (as well as the Knitting and Stitching Show) and I was looking forward seeing the Arts and Crafts Home and the Swedish Home.

First of all we watched a demonstration of the ‘Home of the Future’ which was very interesting.   Most of the features were controlled by kinetic movement.  I’m not sure about the idea of pointing at the kettle and shouting ‘boil kettle!’   Imagine shouting ‘sew’ at a sewing machine and it would automatically do so.  All very strange, but apparently it is possible now.

We then queued to see the show homes:

The Swedish House was furnished by Ikea, so it was like walking around Ikea.   I was hoping to see some more Scandinavian crafts and decor such as some knitted items or embroidery, but there was a  little craft room with an Ikea sewing machine:

The Arts of Crafts home was fully furbished by British made furnishing.  This had to be my favorite show home.  Most of the decor had a raw rustic look to it.

Apart from the show home we had fun looking at the Queen’s Jubilee Cake Decorating Winners on display.

This has to be my favourite:

We then spent the rest of the day at the Food and Shopping area.  We didn’t buy much, but it was fun seeing everyone carry their mops and cleaning cloths around.  All in all it was a fun day out.

We are going to have an Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow at our small apartment, so I have been busy getting everything ready.  I will show you the photos  in the next blog as I don’t want to ruin the surprise as one of the Easter Egg huntees normally read my blog.

Happy Easter!!!

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2 Responses to Ideal Home 2012

  1. ruth says:

    Happy Easter Mary, The show looked fun – I love the cake just amazing! Ruth

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